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Take 'n' Bake

Did you know that Grillo’s has Take ‘n’ Bake available? Take home a pizza on your way home from work, pop it in your oven for 10 minutes and have a fresh, hot pizza!

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The history of pizza...

There is a long, rich history to the modern ‘pizza’. It has been dated as far back as 6th Century B.C. During the Persian Empire, the soldiers of Darius the Great baked a kind of flat bread upon their shields and topped it with cheese and dates. The first simple pizza, as we know it, originated in Naples, Italy in the 16th Century. The poor added tomatoes to their yeast dough. They usually had only flour, olive oil, lard, cheese, and herbs with which to feed their families. By the 17th Century, pizza had achieved a local popularity among visitors to Naples who would venture into the poorer sections to taste this peasant dish made by men called "pizzaioli." In the 20th Century, Gennaro Lombardi was noted to have opened the first US pizzeria, in New York City. During the early part of the Century, pizza was still only widely enjoyed in the US by Italian immigrants. Pizza didn’t become popular until WWII, when the American soldiers returned from the war, after being stationed in Italy and growing to appreciate this Italian dish. It is notable that especially in the Italian-American community, the first American pizzas were known as ‘Tomato Pie’.